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  • An innovative molecular diagnostics company committed to revolutionize molecular testing with its unique proprietary Idylla platform. By providing diagnostic solutions to improve clinical practice for the benefit of patients, clinicians, payers and the healthcare industry, with a focus on oncology.

  • The Idylla platform is a fully automated sample-to-result, real-time PCR system that offers accurate, highly reliable molecular information from virtually any biological sample, which allowing fast and effective treatment selection and treatment progress monitoring.

Idylla System

idylla console.jpg

Idylla Instrument and Console

Idylla™ platform covers the entire process from sample to result in a time frame of 35 to 150 minutes with less than 2 minutes hands-on time. Idylla™ is applicable for a wide range of clinical sample types and can analyse both RNA and DNA. The fully integrated system enables clinical laboratories to perform a broad range of applications in oncology, infectious diseases, and beyond.

Idylla System


Idylla Cartridge

With the Contamination-controlled design. The Airtight disposable cartridges are reagents and controls integrated. Contamination risk reduced to a minimum. No need for separate pre-or post PCR labs.

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