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About C60


C60 is also called as Fullerene which is a molecule of carbon in the form of sphere, and was awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In Chemisty World, C60 is stable by the sp2-hybridized carbon which share the electrons for stabilization. And, this will be the philosophy of C60 Pan Asia Limited, which individual is co-work to one another in order to succeed.

Our Focus


C60 is dedicated to Medical, Laboratory and Chemical Business in Hong Kong. We are engaged in marketing, developing and distributing the Medical Devices, Laboratory Consumable and Raw Materials which cover Hong Kong and Asian Countries. 

Our long term goal is to be professional and specialized to Science-related project, which meets market need


Our Core Value


We Think, Commit & Execute



Why us?


C60 provides good quality (with the standard of ISO 9001 & ISO 13485) and competitive price products which have been already applied and taken leading position in Japan and Singapore.


Our Manufacturer is one of the pioneer in Quality Assurance and Control which gives the product stability and excellent to the performance and its application.

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